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PEGI 12+

Rescue the Empire!

For Jack Keane what seems to be a harmless job at first develops into a hair-raising adventure. Stranded on a mysterious island, the hapless sea captain gets caught deeper and deeper in a whirlpool of dark secrets and a gigantic conspiracy against the venerable British Empire. Danger lurks everywhere. forced into fending off an army of trained monkeys and meat-eating plants our greenhorn hero gas to face evil villains, the fatal attraction of beautiful women and many a problem to solve too.

Wild, action-packed point and click adventure

Captivating tale with many allusions to famous film and game classics

2 playable characters, Jack Keane, sharp-witted but at times not the most practical guy, and Amanda, an attractive gal thirsting for adventure

Laugh-a-minute interactive dialog sequence loads of cinematic interludes and more than 40 amusing characters

A wide variety of scenic locations such as London, the high seas, Cape Toen and jungle islands of the Indian Ocean.

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