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M.U.D.TV Mad Ugly Dirty Television PC


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Welcome to M.U.D.T.V – Mad, Ugly, Dirty Television! Step into the shores of a budding television magnate as you realise your dream of global domination through modern mass communication in this tongue-in-cheek take on running a television empire.
Recruit screenwriters, pick story concepts, hire the best actors your payroll can afford, deal with eccentric directors, build studio facilities and manage precious broadcast time slots to reach eight unique audience groups – all in the hope that your lucrative ad campaign contracts will pay off big! Of course, if you cant beat the competition with creativity and talent alone, there’s always that well-placed act of sabotage to help slow them down. Play dirty or nice, it’s your choice.
Make the competition green with envy as you grow your television empire with executive suites, writing and production offices, recording studios, film archives, newsrooms and other facilities to enhance program quality and audience appeal.
Use the built-in character editor to completely customise the appearance and traits of screenwriters, directors and actors – then recruit the best talent before the competition can, or at least the best you can afford right now.
Secure rights to existing shows, series and movies – or produce your own content from scratch by pairing the best concepts, screen writers, directors and actors.
Try to please eight different audience target types, each unique viewing habits, as you fight to capture market share and complete lucrative advertising deals.
Compete against up to seven adversaries as you face cunning opponents online or under computer control – or share the power and cooperatively manage your station with a friend.
Learn the ropes of the television network wars in the guided tutorials, play in the mission-driven campaign or jump right in and enjoy an open-ended custom game.


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